While some years back, wedding receptions were traditionally held at the Brides home. Today receptions can take place in Hotels, Banquet Halls, Clubs, in Hired Premises, From a Village Hall to a Stately Home etc.

Remember that the number of people who come to attend your wedding may well dictate your choice of venue or vice-versa. Most reception venues will cost for per head for food and drink, plus a hire charge for venue and also the cost for any entertainment, a toastmaster, cake-stand etc. So decide roughly what your budget is and your ideal head count and then the venue price range will become clear.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions takes place just about anywhere including boats, gardens, restaurants and churches etc. You may decide as to whether you want a traditional wedding ceremony with lots of candles and flowers or a contemporary setting with silver and white balloons and an ice sculpture.

Its very important to know your budget while deciding for your wedding as it gives you an idea of how many decorations you can reasonably incorporate into your wedding. Remember that careful planning is necessary to avoid costly mistakes.

If you are having a formal wedding, you are likely to celebrate the event in a wedding hall. Furthermore a traditional wedding is never held in an untraditional place. So the wedding hall is just the right place for the formal wedding festivities. No doubt, you would prefer the wedding hall to become a place where Cinderella met her prince.

We have both indoor and outdoor venues that depends on the theme, size of the crowd and the season. We ensure that the Banquet/Farm House team, work smoothly, with us as a team in ensuring that the function is a success.