The size of the invitation is normally same in most cases but to give that extra look to your invitation ,innovative ideas and sizes can be made available .The invitation can be send in many shapes and sizes as per the taste of the invitee. For example, a corporate house recently sent invitations in the shape of scotch whisky bottle neatly cut and carved, anothet one sent it in the shape of venue model in a glass enclosure and another one in the shape of boat.

The type of paper to be used in invitation depends upon the theme of the event. For marriages and formal functions, heavy designer paper is used normally. But for special types of invitations all types of imported papers are available. Unlimited font styles and ink colors are readily available as per the choice of the invitee. Designer graphics and enclosures can also be added to give special effects to the invitation.

An invitation should have all type of information a guest may like to know like the name of the host, time, date and location. If the event is theme based the invitation should also include a brief description of the required dress. Parking and volet options must be mentioned as special instructions. For any additional or limited invited criteria, enclosures can be added in the invitation.

We have tie-ups with most reputed couriers agencies to deliver your invitation well in time to local as well as outstation/ abroad destinations. A special team of high profile executives can also be hired to deliver the invitations personally.